The difference we make to families

"My son has become very unsettled since his dad left, especially as we can’t visit him much. He couldn’t sleep and started to get a few behaviour problems. Since getting the CD, he’s a 100 times better. He has the disc on repeat and just loves hearing his dad’s voice. It’s helped to maintain their relationship and show Kyle that his dad still loves him." Read more

The difference we make to imprisoned parents

"It gave me back that feeling of being a daddy even if just for a little while and it’s a start towards me becoming a better dad. I’ve not seen them in nearly a year so this is a valuable way for me to re-establish some sort of connection and to let them know I’ve never stopped loving or thinking of them. I’ve preserved one of their favourite stories on a disc forever" Read more

The difference we make to prisoner editors

Certain prisoners are carefully selected to be trained as ‘prisoner editors’. They work with us every day editing and enhancing the stories that are sent to us from prisons all over the country. "I was really struggling before I came here. In fact, I’d been on self harm/suicide watch a few times. But now I feel part of a team and I feel a lot better about myself." Read more