My son knows that mummy is thinking of him, and he can hear me reading him a story every night, as I did when I was at home with him, and he knows mummy is still
here with him.”

We use software to remove mistakes and background noises, then add music and sound effects to enhance the stories. Most of the work is done by specially chosen prisoners who we train to become ‘editors’.

The CD or DVD is then sent to the child. This brings comfort to them as they can hear or see their parent whenever they need to. It shows them they are loved and missed as well as helping them to develop an interest in books and reading. This increases their chances of succeeding at school and significantly improving their social and learning outcomes. 

Enabling an imprisoned parent to maintain contact improves their self-esteem and reduces the likelihood of re-offending as well helping with their child’s well-being.

“Now when they ask for daddy I can put on a disc and they can see and hear him - which they were unable to do before & used to have loads of tears & tantrums. They especially loved the xmas one where their daddy was dressed up as Santa. We watched it together on xmas day it helped them feel close to him on such a special day. I can't thank you enough for that.

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