“My son knows that mummy is thinking of him, and he can hear me reading him a story every night, as I did when I was at home with him. He knows mummy is still here with him. It feels special to be able to read for your own child. It brings us closer

“In the past I’m ashamed to say I’d been too busy to bother with my family. But now I value them and they mean the world to me, I can't explain how helpful Storybook Dads has been and how much difference it’s made to my family and to me.

“I’m dyslexic but the fact that I could still make a story for my kids gives me the confidence to learn to read to them. They loved the story and it helped them with their reading and interest in books in general




of prisoners said that participating in the project has encouraged them to read to/interact with their child in the future

of prisoners said that participating in the project made them feel that they are achieving something positive

of prisoners said that the project has improved/enriched their relationship with their child

the difference we make to families

the difference we make to prisoner editors