“The Storybook Dads set up is a very unique and special environment. When you step through the door it’s like you step out of prison completely. Whether you work there or you are there to record a story, it makes no difference. The atmosphere is relaxed, happy and everybody gets treated with respect. The work is worthwhile and genuinely helps families communicate and stay close. I can say, with complete honesty, that Storybook Dads has made my life better by a long way.

“The fact that the Storybook Dads team take the time to ask if everything is OK, is amazing. It’s the simple things like that that make a big difference in prison. In the past, I’ve struggled with anger but the staff there have given me a new direction; showing me different ways to deal with my problems. It has helped me in the most positive way

“I came to prison still taking drugs and getting into trouble. After a week of working at Storybook Dads I genuinely saw that I was working with staff who cared about prisoners. 11 months later I’m a person who likes himself, shows respect and has changed his ways. I’ve also learned how to use a computer which I had never done before


of prisoner editors reported an improvement in computer skills, confidence, well-being, creativity, team work, optimism and attitude.