Volunteering at HMP Channings Wood

The Storybook Dads Head Office is based in HMP Channings Wood in Devon. Volunteering for Storybook Dads means being part of a small, close-knit, friendly and dedicated team. All our staff and volunteers have to ‘muck in’ with pretty much everything!

The work is varied, interesting, challenging, sometimes frustrating, due to the restrictions of working within a prison, but always rewarding.

So whether you’re more comfortable delivering a workshop, doing admin or being a puppeteer, we like to think there’s enough going on to keep you interested! Full training will be provided as required but please don’t feel obliged to take on anything that you are uncomfortable with. If you have any particular skills (e.g. IT, marketing, design, PR) then we can certainly use them!

Every day is different and I enjoy playing my
part in helping maintain the child/parent bond.”

Volunteering in other prisons

Other prisons in our network make their own arrangements for running the project. Some of them are happy to enlist the help of volunteers, but it depends entirely on their working pattern, regime, security department etc.

If you are interested in volunteering on this basis, we can put you in touch with the Storybook Dads/Mums coordinator in the nearest prison to you so that you can liaise directly with them. If you're not sure which prisons are nearest to you, you can use the prisons map

Hours and minimum commitments: Volunteer opportunities in prison are mostly available during the day and weekdays. Although some prisons do run Storybook Dads in the evenings/weekends. Due to the lengthy and complicated procedure involved in getting security clearance, we need a minimum commitment of one day a week for at least a year.

Other ways to Volunteer

Perhaps you have PR, marketing or fundraising experience. Perhaps you are familiar with networking in the criminal justice sector.  Maybe you’d like to help us to raise our social media presence. There are lots of ways to help us by working from home if you have the skills/ expertise. Get in touch if you have any ideas.  

Apply to become a volunteer