Tales from beyond the walls

This anthology is a result of a collaboration between two charities; Storybook Dads and Writers in Prison Foundation. Both charities encourage prisoners to explore their creativity and improve their skills as a means of rehabilitation.

Their stories have, for the most part, been written for a child known to the prisoner and are connected by the writers’ need to show the child that they are cared for. More generally though, they reflect the familiar themes of a youngster’s life and interests: sweets, ice-cream, magic, animals, friends, bullies, fear of the unknown. They also reflect a subtle message of moral integrity that could be read as a writers’ desire to remind their sons and daughters not to repeat their mistakes.

A Prince Named Kian, written in HMP Frankland (a high security prison in Durham) is about the importance of doing what your mother tells you; Simon and Sammie, written in HMP High Down (a high security prison in Sutton) disapproves of an aunt who does not share her cakes, while Racing Sea Horses, sent from HMP Isle of Wight, shares two wise messages: success is hard work and good friends are important.

The illustrations in the book are courtesy of Princetown Primary School (nr HMP Dartmoor)

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