Prisoners' children haven't committed a crime. Storybook Dads works with parents in prison by recording them reading a bedtime story for their child. The recording is then sent on a CD/ DVD to the child so they can listen to it before bedtime - such a simple and effective idea.

For many families, these story discs are a lifeline, helping to heal rifts and build vital family relationships. It shows the children they are loved and missed. It helps prisoners to feel valued as parents and gives them the opportunity to have a positive impact on their children’s lives. Please take some time to have a look at the Storybook Dads website and listen to some of the dads and mums reading to their children - it's brilliant.

Every year in the UK 200,000 children experience the imprisonment of a parent. It often leads to shame, guilt & isolation resulting in failure at school. These children are three times more prone to mental health problems than their peers. Keeping in contact can be difficult from behind bars; prisoners may be held long distances from their families. Those that maintain contact are up to 6 times LESS LIKELY to re-offend.

I would love it if you donated some money to go towards this service. Any amount will be welcome and will go towards making a difference to lots of children around the UK. Storybook Dads works in over 100 prisons.

Liz Stuart