Hi everyone,

I am going to be running 1 mile for every £10 I fundraise for the charity Storybook Dads, ideally all in one day...

Every year in the UK, 200,000 children experience the imprisonment of a parent. It often leads to feelings of shame, guilt and isolation resulting in failure at school. These children are 3 times more prone to mental health problems than their peers.

Storybook Dads helps parents in prison to record bedtime stories and messages for their children. An incarcerated parent can potentially be seen as a scary figure to their child. This makes them nervous to open-up over the phone or during in-person meetings. The stories recorded by parents allow their children to hear their parent’s voice on their terms, build their confidence and ultimately make meetings much more productive. Prisoners that maintain contact with their children whilst in prison are up to 6 times less likely to re-offend.

When looking into this charity, I was amazed at the impact such a small activity such as recording a story could have on a child's relationship with their parent. £10 covers the cost of Storybook Dads going into the prison, recording the story with the parent, editing, and then sending it to the child. Which is why for every mile I run, a child will receive a recorded story from their parent.

I will be doing this challenge on the 9th June 2021

UPDATE, 07/06: Because of University exams I haven't been able to train nearly enough for this - so in the interest of finishing this challenge and doing it well, I have postponed the run by a month. The new date is Monday 05/07.

UPDATE, 01/07: I have come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19, so I will be self isolating until 9th July, so will (finally) do this challenge on 10th July
Harrison Jones