Terry Waite CBE

Terry is an English humanitarian and author and in the 1980s he was the Assistant for Anglican Communion Affairs. He traveled to Lebanon to try to secure the release of four hostages, including John McCarthy.

He was captured on 20th January '87 and spent almost five years in captivity, with four years in solitary confinement. During his capture, he was blindfolded and beaten.

He lived much of the time chained in a room without natural light. He was finally released in November 1991. Today he is deeply engaged in many humanitarian causes including the homeless, overseas development and prisoners. He became a Storybook Dads Patron in 2006.

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Julia Donaldson MBE

Julia Donaldson is author of the world's most-loved children's books including The Gruffalo, What the Ladybird Heard, Stickman, The Scarecrows' Wedding and Room on the Broom.

Julia's stories are without a doubt the most read stories at Storybook Dads and Storybook Mums across the UK.

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