The Storybook Dads Family Messages project aims to help you and your children keep in touch with your imprisoned loved one. You and your family can record video at home, send it to us and we will get it to your loved one in prison, on DVD.

Ideas on what you can film/send:  

  • Film the children playing, cycling, singing, dancing, etc.
  • A tour of the house or garden.  
  • Quick shot of any pets.
  • Other family members can also give a personal message.  
  • If possible, get everyone together for a joint farewell with lots of waving and smiling.

This film is primarily about the children, however, if other family members aren't present but would like to say hello, they can record a separate piece of video. You can edit them together yourself before you send them, or send your files separately and we will edit them together. 


  • No bad language, rude behaviour or inappropriate garments to be worn.
  • The total length of video/collection of videos should be no longer than approximately five minutes in total.
  • For security reasons, we can only accept video messages in English.
  • Once we receive the video we will check that the there are no child contact restrictions or any other sort of contact restrictions in place on the recipients file.



What happens next:

Once the video is cleared one of our Storybook Dads staff members will process it, add some music, simple credits and burn the final video to DVD. The DVD will then be sent to the prison to be handed out to your loved one (see our promo at the bottom of this page to see how we edit it).

Recording quality guidelines:

You can use any device to record your videos (digital camera, phone, tablet, laptop). Most phones record very good quality these days, and this is probably the easiest option. Perhaps check the quality settings of your camera to check they're set to the highest possible quality before you record.


Please try and record your video in landscape (see pic example) instead of portrait, as this means your video will fill the TV screen. This isn't essential though and it’s OK if you want to use older recordings that have been filmed in portrait, however the final product will have black edges around the outside instead of filling up the whole screen (see our promo, which was filmed on an iPhone and in Landscape).

How to send your video(s) to us:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Send a file?
  3. Then click Add your files and choose the files from your device
  4. In the Message Box, write: 1. The Prison, 2. The name and prison number of who the video is for, 3. Your name, 4. The names of the children/other people who appear in the video.
  5. Click Next
  6. Choose Send an email and click Next
  7. Email to [email protected]
  8. Type in your email address and click Transfer
  9. You will need to enter the verification code sent to your email
  10. Click verify to start sending your video to us

Note: You will receive an email from WeTransfer to confirm your video have been successfully sent to us and we will email you back to confirm we have received the video also. If you don’t receive confirmation, something has gone wrong and you will need to try again.

What the final DVD could look like:

Here is an example promo of what the final edited DVD can look like (huge thanks to our child actor for his help!). Although this video only has one child, it’s fine to have other family members saying hello as well. But it should to be primarily about the child/children.