The Storybook Dads Families on Film project aims to help you and your children keep in touch with your child (*or the young person you have caring responsibilities for) who is in custody at Oakhill STC. You and your family can record video at home, send it to us and we will get it to your child who is in Oakhill STC,on DVD.

This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your loved one (and its free!) but please read these guidelines carefully and then submit the short application form.  We will then send you the instructions to send your film to us.  

Your film is a chance for your child in custody to see his parents (or adult carers) and siblings. His brothers and/or sisters could show him the things they like to do / play with…  and perhaps take him on a tour of the house / garden and tell him how much they miss him (obviously if it’s a baby you’ll have to do the talking). 

The limit of people allowed is five.  We would prefer one film, taken in landscape as the result is much better. But you can send more, as long as you stick to the following:

The three fives rule

  • You can send up to five video files
  • The total time of all the films must not be more than five minutes
  • The total number of people appearing cannot be more than five people (we will ask the names of each of them and their relationship to your loved one, on the application form). They will need to be on their approved contact list at Oakhill.

General rules:

  • No skimpy / inappropriate clothing.
  • No bad language or inappropriate comments.
  • Do not send films of public places with other people in the background who are not one of your five people allowed to be filmed.
  • Videos must be recorded in English.
  • If there are any contact restrictions in place this may result in your film being rejected.

Please read these guidelines carefully and then submit the short application form and we will forward it to Oakhill. They may contact you to request photo ID for those taking part in the video.

Apply to send a video