You can record a video of your children and send it to us and we will get it to your loved one in prison, on DVD and it’s free!

Please read these guidelines carefully and then submit the short application form. We will then send you the instructions to send your film to us.

Your film is a chance for your loved one to see their children. They could show them the things they like to do / play with…  and perhaps take them on a tour of the house / garden and tell them how much they’re missed (obviously if it’s a baby you’ll have to do the talking). You and other close family members can say hi too, but the focus of the film must be the children and the limit of people allowed in total is five.  We would prefer one film, taken in landscape as the result is much better. But you can send more, as long as you stick to the following:

Prisons offering this sevice:  

HMP Dovegate HMP/YOI East Sutton Park HMP Erlestoke
HMP Guys Marsh HMP/YOI Hatfield HMP Hewell
HMP Kirklevington Grange HMP/YOI Lincoln HMP Maidstone
Oakhill STC HMP Oakwood HMP Standford Hill
HMP Stocken HMP/YOI Styal HMP Swaleside
HMP The Mount HMP Wealstun  HMYOI Wetherby

The three fives rule

  • You can send up to five video files
  • The total time of all the films must not be more than five minutes
  • The total number of people appearing cannot be more than five people (we will ask the names of each of them and their relationship to your loved one, on the application form).

General rules:

  • You can send a family film every 3 months (4 times a year), this is to allow us to share our resources equally.
  • Do not send films of public places with other people in the background who are not one of your five people allowed to be filmed.
  • If there are any contact restrictions in place this may result in your film being rejected.
  • Videos must be recorded in English (unless your loved one has discussed this with the co-coordinator in the prison and arrangements have been made to allow this)
  • No inappropriate clothing or bad language/inappropriate comments.

Given the environment we work in, we have quite strict guidelines. Please follow the above guidelines as all films are screened and will not be processed if they breach any rules.

Apply to send a family film

Example Family Film:

Here is an example promo of what the final edited DVD can look like (huge thanks to our child actor for his help!). Although this video only has one child, it’s fine to have other family members saying hello as well.