We created the Storybook Dads app as we are aware that CDs and DVDs are quickly becoming obsolete. Once registered and approved, you can receive audio and video stories via the app, instead of receiving the stories on CD or DVD in the post. This means you can listen to/watch the stories directly on your mobile/tablet, via Bluetooth in the car, a Bluetooth speaker or cast to a Television. 

Is the Storybook Dads app free?

Yes, our app is completely free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Our app does not contain any ads.

Can I download the stories via the app?

No, stories can only be streamed and not downloaded/exported from the app.

Is there anything I need to do?

Once you have registered on the app, you will need to let your partner/loved on in prison your registration details (Name and E-mail), so that when they record the story, they can provide us with your details to be able to receive the story via the app.

How will I know I have received a story via the app?

Please make sure your Push notifications are turned on in your phone settings for the Storybook Dads app. When we send you a story, you should receive a notification to let you know there is a new story waiting for you. 

How long will the stories be kept?

All stories will be kept on our server for 12months from the date of uploading, unless:

a) you don't access the story or your account, in which case the story will be deleted after 6 months.

b) your partner/loved one has left prison and you wish to close your account.

My partner/loved one has been released from prison, how do I delete my account?

We will delete your account and any stories/information associated with it upon request. Please use the Contact Administrator form in the main app menu detailing your request.