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Although I don’t have any kids, Storybook Dads helped me to build a good relationship with my niece and cousins. They also helped me to maintain contact with my Nan whilst she was in hospital. They helped me keep family ties that would’ve been lost.

In all my time in the prison system, I’d never found anything that I enjoy doing and something so worthwhile. They also helped me to keep out of trouble on the wings and concentrate on my future. I got out of prison in July 2012 and  for the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve really changed and that I’ve got a chance to make a new start that doesn’t involve coming back to prison. Without them I know I wouldn’t be at this stage.. The staff took a chance on me and that is why they mean so much to me and people in my situation.

Prisoner’s Stories: Tony

I went into care when I was 11 and have been coming in and out of jail since I was 14. I’m now 26. When I applied for a job with Storybook Dads, my work record in prison wasn’t very good but they took a chance on me and I worked there for over a year.

I started off as an audio editor and learnt how to use a computer and then moved on to DVD editing which I really enjoyed. It gave me the confidence to ask if they could help me with my writing skills and I even started writing poetry!

Storybook Dads is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity Registration No. 1101208

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