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Storybook Dads is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity Registration No. 1101208

Billy was two years into a life sentence when he came to Dartmoor in 2008. Despite having no computer skills, he began working for Storybook dads and now has new hope and aspirations for his future.

Working for Storybook dads during a 3 year prison sentence helped Chris to change his attitude and inspired him to turn his life around. Following his release in 2009, he has continued to work for us on the ‘out’.

Prisoners’ Stories

Motivated by wanting to help other imprisoned parents. Dale came to work with us. Since then, armed with new skills and new confidence, he has been able to transform his relationship with his own children and start to believe in himself for the first time.

We’ve witnessed lots of transformations working with prisoners at HMP Dartmoor, but perhaps none so profound as Tony. With a troubled home-life, a history of drink and drugs and a prison record dating back to his childhood..his was a story we’re all to familiar with.  

Danny was able to reconnect with his children by sending them CDs and DVDs and by taking part in the Storybook dads workshops at Dartmoor prison.






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