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We’ve trained the Army, Royal Navy and RAF in our audio production techniques so that service personnel posted abroad can send story discs to their children. Together we form the Storybook Alliance, which comprises of:

Storybook Dads   Storybook Soldiers

Storybook Wings   Storybook Waves

We continue to provide the Alliance with training and support and we also provide an editing and CD production service when their demand is particularly high.

Getting any new scheme up and running in a prison can be a real challenge! But thanks to the dedication and hard work of the coordinators in each prison and the co-operation of the prison service, the scheme has been successfully rolled out to over 100 UK prisons (including women's prisons where it’s called Storybook Mums).

Most of the prisons send their recordings to our editing suites at HMP Dartmoor or Channings Wood, where we produce the finished CD and return it to them. We’ve also provided training and support at 20 prisons to enable them to set up their own editing facilities. Across the network, over 500 prisoners have been trained in editing, gaining useful skills, experience and qualifications.

We are open to communications about working on ways to use our experience and technology to help the community, such as:

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The Storybook Dads scheme is so simple and adaptable that it has been replicated in prisons across Europe and even the US and Australia. It can also be adapted to suit other organisations involved in the challenges of remote parenting.

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Storybook Dads is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity Registration No. 1101208

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