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As well as bringing comfort, research shows that reading to children is most important thing a parent can do to help with their education.

“My wee girl listens to her story every day. Her mum has brought her the book to so she can read along as well. She was really missing me and struggling to deal with it all.  

She wasn’t sleeping and she just sort of withdrew. When she got the CD she was laughing and hugging the speakers saying Daddy Daddy…

…Now she's sleeping better and doing better in school. Your project is brilliant. Thank you for putting a smile back on her face.”

Many prisoners come to us with limited IT knowledge and a negative experience of work and education. They have little faith in their ability to learn new skills.

“If you ask me who I am now, I no longer reply: A criminal. One of life’s screw-ups; just existing day to day and in no real rush to get out of prison because I can’t function on the outside

I’ll tell you who I am now; I am a father, artist, editor, producer, a teacher and a friend. I am all of these and more. That’s what I have found out about myself these last years with the help of Storybook Dads.”

Enabling an imprisoned parent to maintain contact and help with their child’s education improves their self esteem and reduces the likelihood of re-offending.

“My daughter didn’t know me when I came to prison. But now I’ve done lots of Cd’s and DVDs for her and  even written my own stories. Now when I see her she happily runs to me and will sit and talk to me. I now have my daughter back and she has her father.

Without Storybook Dads we wouldn't have that relationship. I feel better about myself as a parent. Storybook dads has given me the confidence to spend quality time with my children when I get released.”

Danny (former prisoner)

HMP Dartmoor

Imprisoned Dad

HMP Leeds

Luke (prisoner editor)

HMP Dartmoor

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