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Q: How does it work?

A: The process is simple. The prisoner chooses a book and is recorded reading the story. The recording is downloaded onto a computer where music and sound effects are added. The finished story is put onto a CD and then sent to the child.

Q: Do all prisons offer DVDs?

A: Most prisons only offer audio, but a DVD option is available in a few prisons so the child can see their parent/loved one as well as hear the story.

Q: Can poor or non-readers take part?

A: There’s no need for poor, non-readers or nervous readers to worry. The coordinators of the scheme are very sympathetic and will give any help that is required; from choosing the book to assisting with the reading. Our software enables us to edit the story so it sounds smooth and fluent.

Q: Which prisons does it operate in?

A: The scheme runs in over 100 prisons including women’s prisons, YOIs and prisons in Scotland and Eire.  To see which prisons Storybook Dads/Mums operate in Click Here.

Q: Who can apply?

A: As long as a prisoner is allowed access to their children, they can apply. Although the scheme is primarily for parents, many prisons allow other family members to participate including grandparents, siblings, aunts & uncles.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: In most prisons it is free. However a few prisons may charge a small fee towards the cost of postage etc.

Q: Can Foreign Nationals take part?

A: Due to prison security restrictions it’s not always possible to accept stories in any language other than English. However, if there is a staff member at the prison who can speak the language and check the recording for content, then it should be fine.

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