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When I came to prison all contact with my children was cut off. I’d always been very involved in their lives and so I found it really hard. I know it was my own fault and that made it even harder. My ex-partner didn’t think I deserved to have contact with them so I never received a reply to my letters and I wasn’t allowed to speak to them on the phone.

I was really sorry for letting them down and needed them to know I loved them and missed them so I then recorded a CD for them at Storybook Dads. I was nervous because my reading isn’t great, but I managed it. The CD was sent out and I waited and waited but I still didn’t hear anything back. I did another CD and then I did a workshop where I wrote a story, typed it up and illustrated it. That was even harder because of my writing skills and also because I’d never used a computer before. I was really pleased with my book though and proud that I had been able to do it.

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Prisoner’s Stories: Danny

After that I was asked if I’d like to work at Storybook Dads, editing stories and making CDs. The staff were great and helped me to realise that I could learn how to use a computer. I learned much quicker than I thought I would. I enjoyed the work and it felt good to know I was helping other prisoners and their kids. Then I did a Storysack workshop where I made and decorated a Storysack for my kids. I made props and puppets to go with the book and then recorded a DVD of me reading the story. It was good fun but I was pretty nervous about being filmed reading.My efforts paid off.

I phoned my ex on my daughters birthday and I was allowed to speak to her and wish her happy birthday. It was a very special moment. I think I proved to them how much I care and how sorry I was.

Things have got better ever since. I am now in regular contact with my children by phone and letter and I recently sent another story DVD to them. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Storybook Dads I wouldn’t have had contact with my children while I was in prison. I am so much happier because I am building bridges with them and my ex and I know that when I get out I will be able to have regular contact with them. I have missed part of their growing up and I will never let that happen again.