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Storybook Dads is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity Registration No. 1101208

When I had been there 6 months an opportunity came up for me to go a step further and start to work on editing videos and producing DVDs.  It was like starting all over again; I didn’t have a clue how to use that kind of software but the training I received was great and I soon picked it up.

Working for Storybook Dads has given me more than just computer skills though. I have children myself and Storybook Dads has given me the confidence to spend quality time with them when I get released. My daughter didn’t know me when I came to prison. There was no father/daughter relationship. Since working at Storybook Dads I have done many audio and DVD stories for her and even written my own stories. Now when I see my daughter, she happily runs to me and will sit and talk with me. I now have my daughter back and she has her father. Without Storybook Dads we wouldn’t have that relationship.

For me, personally, Storybook Dads has really boosted my confidence. I feel like this is the real me and I’m starting to actually feel alive for the first time in years. I used to be really shy in interviews or front of a camera but now I have done many interviews for radio and I’m also on the Storybook Dads web-site (something I never thought I would be able to do.)

Now that the new Dale has blossomed, I feel like I’m confident enough to do anything. My children are going to have a great future with their new and much improved dad. I can’t stress how important Storybook Dads is and how much of a great influence it has been on my life. I hope it runs for a very long time and can do the same for others as it has done for me.

Prisoner’s Stories: Dale

I started working for Storybook Dads because I wanted to help other parents keep in touch with their children. I know it’s really important to keep that bond while they are in custody. When I first started working here I had very little knowledge about using computers. I really only knew the basics. I remember seeing the Adobe Audition editing programme for the first time and thinking ‘I don’t understand any of this and I never will’. Within a few short weeks I had learnt it and was well away editing audio stories and creating CDs. That can only be down to the training I received from the staff.