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CDs and DVDs

The imprisoned parent records a story and message. Our friendly team are there to help less confident readers (the editing process means that even non-readers can take part)

Editors remove mistakes and background noises, then add music and sound effects. Most of the work is done by trained prisoners who gain useful skills and experience of working in a busy, dynamic environment which can help with resettlement upon release.

Services we offer:

CDs and DVDs

AUDIO CLIP: Jack & the Beanstalk


The CD or DVD is then sent to the child. The stories bring comfort to the children and mean they can hear or see their parent whenever they need to.

It also helps them to develop an interest in books and reading; increasing their chances of succeeding at school and significantly improving their social and learning outcomes.

At our HQ in HMP Channings Wood (and a few other prisons), parents can make a DVD instead of a CD, with the help of our cheeky puppets. The puppets help the reader to relax and the results are often hilarious. The children feel reassured to see their loved one is safe and well


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